The VBB 2013 Burger Tournament Finals

April 29th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

Finals!After a very long and stressful two weeks, we have finally reached the last round of the Vegas Burger Blog tournament to determine the Best Burger in Las Vegas according to the voters. The voting has taken some very unexpected turns deviating from most of the favorites that everyone expected to win, and we are left with two non-burger joints competing for the title: 9 seed and local favorite DW Bistro against 3 seed and impressive newcomer View Wine Bar.  The Final Four round featured many ups and downs throughout the two day ordeal, with several lead changes, server overloads and plenty of comments. I really didn’t know who was going to win up to the end, and am quite surprised with the results. Probably the most shocking thing is the number of visits I had last Friday alone: 7,546! Bracket results for the entire tournament can be seen here. This last matchup will run until midnight on Tuesday April 30. Good luck, and may the best burger win!

37 Responses

  1. Johnny M says:

    Best of luck to DW Bistro…you guys deserve it. See you sunday.
    Love Johnny and Ricky

  2. Maggie Getlacher says:

    VIEW’s Burger is AWESOME!!

  3. Yanez says:

    A must stop everytime Im in the 702.

    If you have a chance to try on of the burgers with Jalepeno bacon, you will never be able to taste something this epic ever again.

  4. burgermeister says:

    VIEW has the best Burger!

  5. Melinda says:

    Hands down the DW Burger is the BEST!!! It’s always cooked to perfection and presented beautifully. I drive all the way from Cali just to eat at DW. The atmosphere is modern and comfortable. Dalton and Bryce always make everyone feel like a special guest….

    • Addicted to burgers says:

      DW’s new mexican chile cheeseburger is cooked to perfection the combination of flavors are perfectly righteous! Gotta have it!

    • GABS says:

      DW Bistro has the best burger ever!!! I totally agree with the prices and the service can’t be beat. Dalton and Bryce, you need to open a DW Bistro in California. Though I don’t mind the drive to Vegas, what I do mind is how long it is before I can eat another one of your great tasting burgers.

  6. TheChosenOne says:

    VIEW’s Burger is much better by far! View all the way!

  7. LasVegas360 says:

    Tried the View’s Burger Thursday night, Great burger, cooked to perfection, just the right amount of pink. I also checked in with Yelp and got 15% of my food bill. Hang in there. #burgerdeal

  8. Candy says:

    I love all the burgers of DW Bistro–beggie, turkey(my favorite) and the New Mexico Chili Burger. I am very biased and tickled to be able to vote for my favorite place to eat because ALL of their food is good, clean and fresh.

  9. Oscar E says:

    DW Bistro’s burger is not only the best burger in Vegas, is the best burger anywhere!!!!!!!! You will never View another burger the same.

  10. burger man! says:

    DW has the best burger in the world!!!.. never tried view but new mexican is the $@!*# hope they win …DW ALL THE WAY!!!!

  11. hambuglar says:

    VIEW’s Burger is the Best out of these 2. No comparison!
    And dont forget if you check in with Yelp at View Wine Bar you will got 15% off of your bill!

  12. Jack Kerouac says:

    DW’s burger and everything at the place are the best place in town.

  13. The Coronel says:

    DW Bistro burgers are finger lickin good!!!!!!!
    You don’t need a 15% coupon, prices are excellent
    SpyGlass’s in the house!!!!!!!!

  14. Pami Lange says:

    DW Bistro has something for everyone, whether it’s their grilled portobello for vegans who live in vegas burger, turkey burger or their new mexican burger. Bryce and Dalton rock.

  15. Col. Angus says:

    As a big fan of eating out I can tell you…The flavors of DW Bistros burgers give you taste buds a pounding. Usually I’m a fish man, but even the sweat sweat meat at DW’s made me jump the fence.

    I need a cigarette…

  16. Christie Worthington says:

    Thinking about VIEW’s burger is making my mouth water!

  17. Rick And his Wife Michelle says:

    Let me just say no where else serves up New Mexico green chilie burger that makes me say “Yum Yum in mah Tum Tum!” and makes my wife jump up out of her seat for joy and makes us both wanna slap our mamas like DW Bistro does!!! The best food ever…shout out to Dalton, Bryce and the whole gang at my favorite local Bistro!

    Rick and his Wife Michelle

  18. rockman says:

    VIEW’s Burger is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PERIOD. End of Conversation

  19. Rock Crusher says:

    When you eat the best burger in Vegas at DW Bistro, you just want to tell every body. You can’t stop talking about it, the conversation just goes on and on and on………………..
    Dalton and Bryce Rock On

  20. Stone Cutter says:

    I can see how Rockman thinks this maybe the end of a conversation, but clearly the DW New Mexican is just the start of a better, tastier, more satisfying conversation. The only thing keeping me from talking about this burger more is the DW burger in my mouth.

  21. G Money says:

    Amen Amen tell it to the mountain tops!!! DW Bistro not only has the best burger in town but don’t forget about the fried chicken, jerk pork and the scones…. don’t forget about the scones. The list goes on and on
    Let’s go Dalton and Bryce!!

  22. Tonya says:

    I am so excited to see DW getting the props that they deserve. Not only is the food fresh and deeeee-licious, but the staff is incredible. I’m proud to have them in the neighborhood.

  23. Lina Fox says:

    Many people must not vote. I have had all burgers at all the places and Bachi is the best burger in Vegas. Where does this site advertise at?

  24. Coolest Man Alive says:

    I dnt always eat burgers, BUT! When I Do i Make Sure I Make It A New Mexican Burger From DW Bistro!!!!

    -Coolest Man Alive!

  25. kale says:

    Dw bistro your burgers are amazing! from the Aloha state:)

  26. Christopher Columbus says:

    I discovered the best burger in the new world, it’s at DW Bistro

    La Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria also love DW Bistro’s Burger

    Whittier approved this response

  27. Karri L. says:

    Too bad that people with the most computers win…. Im Thrilled to see View in Tivoli beat out 31 of the established burger spots. I find myself at View twice a week & enjoy the outstanding service and food and am happy to see how far they’ve made it in such a short amount of time!

  28. Lina Fox's Daddy says:

    It’s not the people with the most computers that win, is the people with the most passion about the burgers they love that win. I find myself at DW Bistro 5 times a week because of the great food,service, and sense of family.Dalton and Bryce make it happened

    PRA rules

  29. Coolest Man Alive says:

    hater gonna hate … nuff said 🙂

  30. GABS says:

    Congratulations DW Bistro, very well deserved!!!

  31. Stone Cutter says:

    Moral of the story…

  32. robert ballard says:

    I’m an In-N-Out eater for 50 tears but recently not happy with them. The best burger I’ve ever had… Gott’s San Francisco.

  33. Shawna says:

    BLT is number one by far!

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