Bittercreek Alehouse/Red Feather Lounge

December 24th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

good looking friesFor my out of state readers or just those curious to read about my burger adventures outside of Vegas, I’m going to write a few articles about places I’ve been to in recent weeks. I don’t plan on making these reviews as long-winded or detailed as my typical reviews, I just want to give you folks an idea of what’s out there in other cities. I’ve eaten quite a few burgers in Boston over the past couple years, but I’ll save any write-ups there for Burger Boy and focus on Boise in this case.

On a trip to Boise over thanksgiving weekend I was able to swing by the Bittercreek Alehouse/Red Feather Lounge based on some twitter recommendations. I believe it was the Friday after thanksgiving when we went for lunch, and both sides of the restaurant were pretty packed. Any hostess or waitress we approached for a table of 6 was less than helpful; we were basically told to fend for ourselves and find something if it was open. After angrily walking around both sides for several minutes, a manager saw us standing dumbfounded and pissed near the kitchen and offered to help. Due to a lack of room and possibly the fact that we had two small children with us, we were brought to an upstairs area that no one else was sitting in yet. Eventually some other people were brought up there, including another group of people with a few smaller kids. The Bittercreek side seems more like a family-friendly, open restaurant, while the Red Feather Lounge side sticks more true to its name as it is a bit darker and bar feeling.

perfect!Both sides seem to share the same menu which features all sorts of great sounding salads, sandwiches, burgers and desserts. I was extremely tempted to get the poutine because I’m a huge fan after visiting Montreal my entire life and wanted to see how a local organic potato version would be, but decided against it and went with the Bittercreek burger: 100% grass-fed & finished local beef, lettuce, onion & horseradish mayo on Gaston’s burger bun. My burger was cooked perfectly to the medium-rare ordered, it had good char flavor and great beefy flavor overall. The lettuce was used sparingly and was much appreciated, the tomato was fresh, my cheese nicely melted, and the mayo was strong and delicious. Overall a very good burger. My fries were equally delicious; some cooked just right, some a little undercooked, but all had the skins present.

Although the service was a bit iffy coming into the restaurant, in the end our waiter was fairly prompt and attentive. Everyone’s meals were really good and I didn’t have anything really negative to say about the burger. And at $9.50 the burger is a good deal for both the quality of ingredients and flavors. While I don’t have much to compare it to, if you’re ever in downtown Boise this is certainly not a bad place to visit.

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