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August 24th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

purple fries!I recently had the pleasure of visiting Boise for the first time, and like I do with all new cities my first thought is “where should I eat?” So I reached out to my twitter followers for opinions and quickly got back the Boise Fry Company. The website features a clip of their restaurant featured on the Food Network, and touts some very interesting potato choices and healthy cooking methods so this instantly made my trip all the more exciting. And although they take a second stage to the fries, the burgers looked really good. So how did my Boise burger adventure turn out?

Located close to BSU, the Boise Fry Co location that we went to was in a small strip mall with a handful of restaurants and shops. The entire city is pretty small, much smaller than I’m used to, but clean, pretty and welcoming. The interior reminded me of the old Create location; clean and modern but kind of done on the cheap. Not in a bad way by any means. They also have a patio in the back with a handful of tables and high tops.

funky platesThe menu features six different kinds of potatoes cooked a number of ways including shoestring, regular and curly. They also have beef, bison and veggie burgers as well as a quinoa salad. We went with the Okinawa, purple and sweet potatoes, which were all prepared with the regular cut. The sweet potatoes were really good; they had a nice flavor and were cooked well, maybe a bit on the soft side for me. The purple potatoes were a bit of a thinner cut, and maybe due to their nature seemed to be cooked a little longer as they were a bit stiffer than the others. They had ok flavor but it was muted a bit. The standout selection was the Okinawa potatoes; they had a great sweet flavor and were cooked perfectly. The restaurant also offers a number of dipping sauces from traditional ketchup, blueberry ketchup, spicy, garlic aioli and many more. The variety made the fry sampling all the more fun.

looks good...I decided to go with a bison burger to stick with something lean and counter everything else I was about to put into my body with three different kinds of fries. The burger looked great upon arrival, and the bison meat had great flavor, but I found it to be a bit too dry and ended up distracting me from my meal quite a bit. The bun was also a bit on the dry side, although it had good flavor, was grilled nicely and was well-proportioned to the meat. The bacon had good flavor but was a bit undercooked, and the lettuce tomato and onion were ok. The pickles actually stood out as one of the better flavors in the overall burger. The special sauce had a strong mustard flavor which I typically don’t mind, but for some reason I wasn’t too crazy about it in this burger.

dry!Being that bison is a leaner meat, it’s harder to cook properly and surely attributed to the dryness of my particular meal. I wish I had the chance to try the regular beef burger, perhaps I’ll stop there again next time I’m in town. The star of the restaurant is clearly their fries, and it showed with the quality and flavor we sampled. While I’m no professional when it comes on dining selections in the Boise area, if you’re there and want a fun experience definitely stop by and try them out.

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  1. Mark Russell says:

    Nice write up. As a Boise resident I’ve come to love the Boise fry company. Since they use natural foods, they are healthier and tastier though preparation efficiencies can vary. They have a second restaurant in SE Boise that you should check out, fantastic set up there. Where should we eat in Vegas?

    • Erik Chudy says:

      thanks for the comments! as for where to eat in Vegas, that’s a tough question to answer quickly. off the strip I’d say one of my favorites would have to be Bachi Burger, on the strip I’d say Public House at the Venetian.

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