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Burger House (Munich, Germany)

August 13th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Munich_a (78)So after last week’s disaster, let’s get back to business with another burger review. I’m still only halfway through my European trip and sampling of what else is out there in the world. After making it through over three weeks in Spain with only one slider worthy of a visit, and a solid month in Italy with no good burgers to speak of, we headed into Germany where surely a good burger could be found. I again resorted to some basic online searching to see what burger joints got the most attention to see if there was anything worth our time. The consensus seemed to be that Burger House was of the top joints in Munich, so that’s where we headed one afternoon instead of our go-to biergarten. Hopefully they would present me with the first really solid burger I could report on?

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The 2014 VBB Burger Tournament Conclusion

August 6th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

So as you probably know I ended the tournament early last night due to things getting a bit out of hand with many of the voters; I really didn’t want to do that, but this was supposed to be a lighthearted contest and it turned into something ugly. On top of some personal attacks, I’ve also gotten many comments from people claiming I rigged the numbers, that I have unfair advertising on my site, that I didn’t set up the contest properly, you name it. No matter how I set this up or what restaurants I selected someone is going to have a problem with it and they somehow find it necessary to express this opinion to me. Guess what, I don’t care how you would do this differently! If you have a problem with what burgers I like or how I run my contest, go create your own burger blog and contest. For the record, I have never made a dollar off of this website, I have zero banner ads; it is done strictly because of my love of burgers. This tournament was created to promote as many restaurants in town that I could; last year’s finalists had a surge in burger sales so I thought it would be fun to do again. Hopefully this year’s contest provided similar results, gave people awareness of new restaurants, or at least provided some sort of positivity somewhere.

In the meantime, I don’t want to hear about how you would have ended the contest, or what should be done now. It’s over; we’re congratulating the four finalists along with all the other participants that provide great burgers in the Las Vegas area. So go out for lunch or dinner today and eat a burger at DW Bistro, The Dillinger, Pizza Rock or Steiner’s Pub. Or even better, someone can organize a burger crawl and tackle all four in a row! In the meantime, I will be worrying about what burger I’m going to eat next.

The 2014 VBB Burger Tournament Final Four

August 5th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

We’re now down to four restaurants and the competition is getting fierce! Both DW Bistro and The Dillinger have been getting their voters to come out in full force, so this round is going to be very competitive. As with the past few rounds, voting is open now through midnight PST tonight, so make sure you enter your vote once every 30 minutes! Here is your bracket if you’re still following this all the way through. Good luck to our Final Four contestants! Here are your polls: Continue Reading »

The 2014 VBB Burger Tournament Round 4

August 4th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Well that was fun… DW’s online fan base has kicked it into high gear just like last year, and managed to kill my server for a bit Friday night leading up to the end of the polls. I’ve been in touch with my provider so hopefully they have plenty of warning for the voting to start again today. We’re now left with the Elite 8 restaurants, and I think it’s a good representation. We lost a few great ones in the last round, but there can be only one winner in the long run anyway. As usual, here is our current bracket for those interested. These polls will run until midnight PST tonight, so be sure to check back once every 30 minutes to cast your votes for your favorites. Here are your polls, may the best burger win! Continue Reading »

The 2014 VBB Burger Tournament Round 3

August 1st, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Well that was interesting, many of the Round 2 contests were handled pretty early on, while a couple remained tight until the end including one contest that was won by 1 vote. Also, it looks like DW’s online fans have shown up again in large quantities, and could prove to be too strong a match for anyone just in numbers. For those keeping score at home, here is your updated bracket through today’s round. These polls are open now through midnight PST tonight, you can vote once per hour if you’d like to keep adding your votes! The next round will start at 10AM Monday morning to give us all a break for the weekend. Places will start dropping off fast, so be ready! Here are today’s ‘Sweet 16′ Round 3 polls: Continue Reading »

The 2014 VBB Burger Tournament Round 2

July 30th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

With Round 1 completed we head into Round 2 with 32 restaurants, and a slightly more refined list of burgers. If you don’t agree with any of the results so far, make sure you get the word out to vote for your favorite burgers in town so they can continue into the Sweet 16 round coming up next! These polls will run through Thursday July 31 at midnight, so be sure to get your votes in until then! You can vote once every 10 minutes, so feel free to rack up the votes for your favorite restaurant! This is the last round that will go for two days, after this they will be quick one day face-offs. Here are your Round 2 polls: Continue Reading »

The 2014 VBB Burger Tournament Round 1

July 28th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Ok folks, after much anticipation (I think) the VBB 2014 Best Burger in Las Vegas tournament is here! This year we are starting off with 64 restaurants in the first round to really give many of the places in town a fair chance. You can download the bracket here and follow along from home if you’d like. These polls will be open for two days, from 10AM July 28 Pacific time through midnight July 29. The winning 32 teams will face off starting at 10AM July 30 and run through midnight of July 31. The next few rounds will probably run just for one day so we don’t drag this out too long, so make sure you check back often to vote for your favorite burger. Be sure to tell all your friends, and more importantly do your part to go eat some burgers at your favorite places and let them know you’re voting for them! Also, please note that I am limiting votes to 1 every 10 minutes per IP address to try and make this a fair contest; last year we had some folks trying to use computer labs and other tricks to falsely rack up the votes. DW Bistro won fair and square in the end, but I had some odd things happening at certain points of the contest. We want this to be fun, and we want this to be fair… Here are your polls for round 1!!

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